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Serving spoons

Purchase a set of serving spoons. Choose from a wide variety of cutlery that you can use to serve different types of dishes.

Discover our available serving spoons

A serving spoon, the multitasker of the kitchen, excels in moving food from the serving dish to your plate. It boasts a lengthy handle for a comfortable grip and a bowl-shaped head, perfect for scooping just the right portion. Available in a diversity of sizes, shapes, and materials, serving spoons are designed to meet a wide range of serving requirements and match any table decor.

Why buy serving spoons?

Serving spoons are essential for a seamless dining experience and efficient service, here’s why:

  • Portion Control: They guarantee equal servings, crucial for shared meals and buffets.
  • Hygiene and Food Safety: They reduce direct contact with food, lowering contamination risks and preventing the spread of germs. They also avoid cross-contamination between dishes.
  • Preserving Presentation: Their design ensures food is served smoothly and attractively, essential for visually important dishes like salads and desserts.

Types of Serving Spoons

Designed for both efficiency and elegance, a serving spoon features a deep, rounded bowl for generous scoops of food without spills. Its long handle offers a comfortable grip, keeping the server’s hands at a distance from the food to maintain hygiene.

Solid Serving Spoon

The solid serving spoon, or plain serving spoon, comes with an unperforated, slot-free bowl, making it a versatile tool for dishing out a variety of meals such as mashed potatoes, rice, casseroles, and beyond.

Slotted Serving Spoon

The slotted serving spoon, akin to its perforated counterpart, features larger slots or openings on its bowl. This design is ideal for serving items like pasta or stir-fried veggies, allowing you to lift solid pieces and leave behind any excess liquid.

Perforated Serving Spoon

This serving spoon, designed with small holes or slots in its bowl, expertly drains liquids or sauces as you serve, making it perfect for foods like boiled vegetables or poached eggs that require draining.

Choosing the right serving set for you 

Knowing how to choose the serving cutlery set you need is key to feeling satisfied with your purchase. The first thing you need to consider is the material, which is usually made of: 

  • Serving spoon set stainless steel is the best quality material thanks to its strength and excellent appearance for use at home, hotels and restaurants. It does not affect the taste and has a great resistance to rust. Very easy to clean in dishwasher. 
  • Wood has an excellent resistance to heat and use, and will give a classic style to your kitchen. 

The quality of the materials is also important, for example: 

  • That the spoons retain food well. 
  • That they do not bend easily. 
  • That they are easy to clean. 
  • That they are resistant to use.

types of serving spoons

Are serving spoons safe for cooking?

Definitely! Your serving spoons can double as cooking tools. Just ensure you consult the manufacturer’s guidelines first. Those made from heat-resistant materials like premium stainless steel or silicone are perfect for the heat of cooking. But remember, wooden serving spoons might not fare well with high heat, so it’s best to avoid using them for such purposes. Elevate your cooking game by utilizing your serving spoons wisely!

Are serving spoons dishwasher safe?

Typically, serving spoons can go right into the dishwasher. But, checking the manufacturer’s care instructions is key to keeping them in top shape. Stainless steel and silver spoons? Dishwasher-friendly. Wooden spoons, on the other hand, should stick to hand washing to dodge any wear and tear. And those plastic spoons? They’re usually fine in the dishwasher, but let them hang out on the top rack to steer clear of the heat’s brunt.

Make sure to follow the specific care tips that come with your spoons to keep them serving beautifully for years to come.

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