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Pasta spoon

Acquire the ideal pasta spoon for your kitchen. Our spaghetti spoons are of excellent quality, so we guarantee durability and resistance. Choose from different materials: silicone, stainless steel and nylon.

Other serving spoons

Pasta spoons are very useful when serving your spaghetti in a comfortable and simple way. It is easy to wash in the dishwasher and has a very good resistance to use.

Tips for buying a pasta spoon

Discover the joy of perfect pasta with your very own spaghetti spoon, a must-have for any pasta enthusiast. Imagine effortlessly twirling and serving your favorite spaghetti dishes with a spoon that feels just right in your hands.

The size

Embark on your culinary adventures with a spaghetti spoon that’s perfectly sized. Avoid the frustration of underwhelming, tiny spoons that just don’t do the trick, and the clumsiness of oversized ones that are tough to control. 

The shape 

The design of your spaghetti spoon plays a pivotal role in pasta perfection. Opt for a spoon with a gracefully curved end, ensuring each scoop of spaghetti is satisfyingly simple. Straight-end spoons can make pasta wrangling a chore, struggling to get beneath the pasta without hassle. Choose the right shape to elevate your spaghetti experience from good to great.

Make your pasta nights unforgettable. Choose a spaghetti spoon that transforms your cooking into a seamless blend of joy and functionality. Let’s find the ideal spaghetti spoon for you—because you deserve a pasta experience that’s as delightful as the dishes you create.


Elevate your pasta-making experience with a spaghetti spoon crafted from the finest materials. Whether you’re drawn to the elegance of metal, the durability of plastic, or the warmth of wood, choosing the right material is key to both functionality and style. 

Wooden spoons, revered for their traditional charm, not only enhance the aesthetic of your pasta but also promise a timeless experience reminiscent of classic culinary artistry. Ensure your chosen spoon is robust enough to manage generous portions of pasta, embodying strength and reliability in every twirl.


The design of your spaghetti spoon is more than just functionality; it’s a statement of your personal style. From the understated elegance of a plain spoon to the distinctive flair of a decorative one, your choice should mirror the essence of your kitchen’s décor. 

Consider the harmony between your current utensils and this new addition—are you looking to complement the existing vibe or introduce a bold contrast? Let your spaghetti spoon be a reflection of your culinary creativity and aesthetic preference.

Why should you buy a spaghetti spoon?

More order in your kitchen

The design of the pasta spoons will allow you to lift the pasta effortlessly and take it directly to the pan or plate without messing up everything on the way, as it provides you with more procession.

Easy to serve

Its long handle and spoon design will allow you to reach different parts of the pot and pans to serve pasta with ease.

Dishwasher safe

Most spaghetti spoons are dishwasher safe, as they are made of nylon, silicone or stainless steel.

Types of spaghetti spoons

There are three primary varieties of pasta spoons: wooden, plastic, and steel.

Plastic Spaghetti Spoon

For those unconcerned about the potential warping associated with metal spoons in the dishwasher, a plastic spaghetti spoon is an excellent choice. Its flexibility allows for thorough scraping of flavors from the pot’s bottom. Typically, the plastic handle includes a hole at the end for convenient hanging, saving storage space.

Wooden Spaghetti Spoon

A wooden spaghetti spoon is a superior selection for serving risotto or other rice dishes. It features a long, slender handle ideal for stirring and scraping the pot’s sides. Additionally, the spoon’s curvature is designed to comfortably fit in the hand.

Steel Spaghetti Spoon

A steel spaghetti spoon offers a reliable option for those in search of a durable and long-lasting utensil. It is capable of withstanding high temperatures without quality degradation and is safe for dishwasher use.

Cleaning a spaghetti spoon

Spaghetti is a beloved dish by many, but the cleanup process afterwards can be less appealing. To facilitate an easier cleaning routine for spaghetti spoons, follow these helpful guidelines.

  1. Promptly cleaning your spaghetti spoon after use is crucial to prevent food remnants from drying and adhering to the utensil.
  2. Should food residues dry on the spoon, applying a small amount of hot water and dish soap can assist in loosening them.
  3. After cleaning, it’s important to thoroughly dry the spoon with a paper towel and store it in a well-ventilated space.
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